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VARTA presents the new high-performance Portable Powerpack Series

Did you know that 36% of all people charge their mobile phone more than once per day and that 79% of all men and women between ages 18 and 44 have their phone with them 22 hours a day?* Smartphones and tablets are our connection to the world, to our families, our friends, our communities and our colleagues – from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed. Today's world is happening online. But unfortunately the battery is often empty exactly when we are expecting an important call or an important message.

With the new Portable Powerpack Series VARTA brings intelligent solutions for mobile devices on the market. The Mini Powerpack Series, the Indestructible Powerpack 6000 and 2000, the Car Power and the Wall Charger as well as the 2-in-1 Powerpack & Charger offer plenty of opportunities to provide smartphones, tablets etc. anytime and anywhere with additional power.


Full power in your pocket

Portable Power Mini PowerpackVARTA offers the solution for smart and quick charging in your pocket with the Phone Power 800 Mini Powerpack. It is ideal for business travelers and people who want to listen to more music, phone or surf the internet longer – anytime and anywhere. The Mini Powerpack provides smartphones and other USB-powered devices with additional power. The Phone Power 800 can be charged several hundred times via a USB port thanks to its Lithium-Ion technology, allowing for up to 150 extra minutes talk time per charge.** Once charged up to 80% of its power is still available after six months. The new powerful Mini Powerpack comes in three versions: For Apple Lightning (iPhone5 generations), for 30-pin (iPhone 4 generation and older) and for Micro USB devices (Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, LG etc.). A blue LED light shows the charging and discharging status. The smart and compact Powerpack comes with a convenient keychain for comfort and portability. The Phone Power 800 is of course MFi (Made for iPhone and iPod) certified in the Lightning and 30-pin version.


Powerful and almost indestructible energy packs

Portable Power Powerpack 1VARTA offers additional energy in every situation with the new Indestructible Powerpacks 6000 and Indestructible Powerpacks 2000. At any time the Powerpacks provide energy to charge all USB compatible electronic devices. Thanks to the highly robust design from ABS-plastics and aluminium the two Powerpacks are the ideal companion for outdoor sports fans, adventurers and travelers who want to be prepared for emergencies. The housing is dust-proof, water-proof according to IP 67 standard and shock-resistant up to two meters. The 2000mAh features a 1.0A USB port while the 6000mAh version offers two USB ports with 1.0A and 2.4A Portable Power Powerpackrespectively. That way two devices can be charged at the same time. Both versions are compatible with almost all current USB cables and electronic devices. Elegant blue LEDs keep track of the  charging status. The 2.4A port of the Powerpack 6000 also charges tablets quickly and easily. Both Powerpack versions are rechargeable hundreds of times. They are MFi (Made for iPhone and iPod) compliant and can store up to 80% of their charge for up to six months.


Icon Drop TestedIcon Dust Water Proof

Energy in the car or at home

Portable Power Car ChargerWith the Car Power & Wall Charger VARTA offers two powerful, compact solutions for home use or on the go. Both chargers provide four times more power compared to a standard 500mAh USB port.*** A total output of 3.4A over two USB ports (2.4A and 1.0A) allows the connection of almost all USB cables to simultaneously charge two devices. Travelers in particular will appreciate the global Portable Power Wall Chargerusability of the Wall Charger with a voltage of 110-240V. These devices also show charging is in process through a blue LED. The 2.4A USB ports of both chargers can charge tablets, too. Both the Wall Charger and the Car Power are MFi (Made for iPhone and iPod) compliant.

2-in-1 Powerpack & Charger

Portable Power 2-in-1The 2-in-1 Powerpack & Charger by VARTA is the universal solution for every type of charging. It charges via a USB cable almost all devices using different battery technologies. Simply put in 4xAA Alkaline, 4xAA Rechargeable or 4xAA Lithium batteries connect the Powerpack to the desired device via the USB cable and charging begins.

That way you will for example get up to seven hours of additional smartphone talk time.** In addition you can also use it as a charger: connect it to a USB-power source via the USB micro port to charge 4 AA NiMH-batteries. Four LEDs show the discharging status of the Alkaline batteries and the charging status of the NiMH batteries respectively. The 2-in-1 Powerpack & Charger is also MFi (Made for iPhone and iPod) compliant.

The products are available from October 1, 2014.

Phone Power 800 Lightning                    RRP (incl. VAT): 24.99 €

Phone Power 30-Pin                               RRP (incl. VAT): 16.99 €

Phone Power Micro USB                          RRP (incl. VAT): 14.99 €

Indestructible Powerpack 6000                RRP (incl. VAT): 39.99 €

Indestructible Powerpack 2000                RRP (incl. VAT): 29.99 €

Car Power                                             RRP (incl. VAT): 14.99 €

Wall Charger                                          RRP (incl. VAT): 16.99 €

2-in-1 Powerpack & Charger                    RRP (incl. VAT): 13.99 €


For more information, visit http://www.varta-consumer.com/ and our official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/VARTA.Consumer


*Source:www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-2013-mobile-growth-statistics, Always Connected, IDC Research Report March 2013. Nielsen 2014: How Smartphones Are Changing Consumers’ Daily Routines Around The Globe

**Based on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and BlackBerry® Curve 8900. Performance may vary depending on device.

***Standard current wall/car chargers have 0,5A – 2,5W. Based on 2.4A output. Charging speed / results depends on device charged.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA is part of Spectrum Brands Holdings, a global and diversified consumer products company and a leading supplier of consumer batteries, shaving and grooming products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden products and auto care products. Spectrum Brands Holdings generates annual sales of around $5.04 billion and has a total of 15,700 employees. VARTA Consumer Batteries is a European market leader for innovative high-quality batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and lights. Controlled from its European head office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it generates annual sales of around €275 million. The German sales company is based in Ellwangen. Thanks to its powerful product ideas, developed on the basis of over 125 years’ experience, VARTA Consumer is a constant source of impetus in the mobile energy market. Alongside its innovative capabilities, the breadth, quality and design of its product range make VARTA a unique force on the market. Intensive focus on consumers’ lifestyles and close collaboration with retailers is the secret to a successful product mix. This makes it possible for VARTA Consumer to respond quickly and flexibly to the latest consumer device trends and provide the dynamic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market with optimum energy solutions.

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