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Up to 100% phone charge*


Activity Tracker
Digital Camera


  • Power booster: up to 100 % phone charge of the latest models*
  • Compact and lightweight: fits in every pocket
  • Meets today's taste: evergreen black & white and trendy pastel
  • Always ready: 50 cm charging Micro USB cable included
  • With comfortable hook: for easy carrying
  • Blue LED charge & discharge indication
  • VARTA brand quality ensured


* Based on iPhone 5s, results may vary by device


VARTA Type 57959
Electrochemical System Li-Ion
Height 99 mm
Diameter 24 mm
Weight 61 g
Your most reliable partner for mobile energy for you and your family. Anywhere. Anytime.

UN38.3 Compliant Transport Safety

Our Power Banks are compliant with the UN 38.3, which guarantees safety in transporting dangerous goods by land, sea and air.

UL® certified Lithium Batteries

The batteries of our Power Banks are UL® certified which is the most widely accepted certification on safety and environmental claims and thus is a mark for very good quality batteries.