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VARTA Charging Solutions ensure that essential devices stayed charged at all times. In the home or on the go.


One USB Type C Output with 3.0 A
2 USB A 5V/2.4A outputs and 2 USB A 1.A outputs
5 charging ports for maximum compatibility
2 x Micro USB Cable included
AC Power Cable included
Included Cable Organizer
50W and 10A for an optimized and maximum charging speed


  • Convenient charging station using advanced features
  • Ability to charge up to 5 smartphones or tablets at the same time
  • 5 charging ports for maximum compatibility: 1x USB Type C and 4x USBA
  • 50W and 10A for an optimized and maximum charging speed
  • Various slot sizes allow convenient charging of different devices
  • Handy cable organizer to store cables when not in use
  • Including 2x 20cm Micro USB charging cables
  • Including 1.6m EU AC cable
  • VARTA brand quality ensured


VARTA Type 57901
Width 100 mm
Height 52 mm
Depth 183 mm
Weight 449 g