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The new Outdoor Sports series from VARTA Consumer brings light into darkness – everywhere!

Whether you’re taking a nighttime hike, going for an evening jog, or setting up your tent after sundown: the right lantern is an essential piece of equipment for every adventure. Punctually in time for the start of the outdoor season, VARTA presents two new sporty headlamps and two new camping lanterns that are specially developed to cope with every challenge of the great outdoors.

They’re lightweight, sturdy and multifunctional. All products in the new Outdoor Sports series can survive a fall from a height of two meters. They’re protected against sprayed water. They offer several different lighting modes. And they’re appealingly stylish in the latest trendy outdoor colors.


Brighter than starlight: the new Outdoor Sports lanterns from VARTA


When you’re camping out, a very special atmosphere begins after the sun goes down. VARTA’s new Outdoor Sports lanterns enhance this wonderful mood. Thanks to their warm white high-performance LED lumen values, these camping lamps offer impressively bright but also very pleasant, atmospheric and non-glaring light.


Weighing just 236 grams, the smaller 1W Outdoor Sports Lantern 3AA fits in every backpack. It’s perfect for trekking holidays with a tent or for an evening’s lakeside excursion. Bright moments in every outdoor situation are likewise guaranteed by the larger 3W Outdoor Sports Lantern 3D. With a brightness of 330 lumens, it has a pleasantly light weight of 446 grams. The smaller lantern is orange; the larger one is green. Each lantern is dimmable and has a removable outer lens that lets you hang it in many different ways from a tent pole, an overhanging bough, or a clothesline. 


Unlimited freedom: with VARTA’s new LED headlights


Keep both hands free and everything in clear view, despite the surrounding darkness. Headlights number among the absolute “must haves” for every adventurer. With the 4x LED Outdoor Sports Head Light and the 2x1 Watt LED Outdoor Sports Head Light, VARTA now offers two new, sturdy, impact-resistant and sensationally affordable headlights. Each of these high-quality lamps is extremely lightweight and equipped with an adjustable headband.


Weighing a mere 44 grams, the 4x LED Outdoor Sports Head Light can illuminate objects up to 20 meters away and continues to shine for up to 34 hours. A soft-touch button lets you choose between two different light intensities. Protected against sprayed water, this headlamp powers four 5 mm LEDs.


The 2x1 Watt LED Outdoor Sports Head Light will spark enthusiasm among the most discriminating outdoor fans. This steplessly dimmable headlight weighs 51 grams, offers four different lighting modes, and has a moveable head that lets you individually adjust the angle of the light beam. Equipped with two high-performance LEDs, it lets its user choose between a broad floodlight and a tightly focused spotlight. It also offers a stroboscope mode that flashes quick bursts of light at brief intervals. And it has a red LED that won’t interfere with its user’s night vision. This high-quality, high-performance headlight offers perfect illumination in every conceivable situation. It can illuminate objects up to 78 meters away and can keep shining for ten hours. 


The headlights in the Outdoor Sports Lights series are now available at retailers. Each lamp comes with a three-year guarantee.


An Overview of VARTA’s New Outdoor Sports Lights:


 4x LED Outdoor

2x1W LED Outdoor

1W LED Outdoor 

3W LED Outdoor

 Sports Head Light 3AA

 Sports Head Light 3AAA

 Sports Lantern 3AA

Sports Lantern 3D






Drop Test

 2 meters

  2 meters

  2 meters

  2 meters

 up to 50 lumens

 up to 120 lumens

 up to 90 lumens

 up to 330 lumens
Light Duration

 up to 34 hours

10 hours

up to 200 hours

 up to 130 hours
Light Distance

 up to 20 meters

up to 78 meters

8 meters

16 meters

 44 g

51 g

236 g

446 g

 9.99 euros

21.99 euros

14.99 euros

29.99 euros

* Without batteries

If you’d like to test one of these lamps in action, we’ll be pleased to have a sample sent to you. Simply contact us at varta@haebmau.de and tell us which lamp you want to test.


Further information on products and VARTA can be found at http://www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.


High-res, ready-to-download images can be found at:


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