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VARTA Consumer Batteries is launching a brand new marketing campaign for Q4 2020 ahead of the new year. This campaign focuses on the key benefits VARTA products provide to its customers; innovative products designed with technology that promises to ensure VARTA batteries are durable and long-lasting, through messaging that resonates with core audience sets in a consumer friendly manner.

Why Think Smarter, Choose VARTA?

The idea was born from the colour coded with simple device icons packaging; unique to other battery brands in the market, which helps customers to choose the battery that is best suited to their device, thus ensuring the battery performs better, saving the customer money and time. Choosing the correct battery for the device means it will last longer, helping the environment by reducing unnecessary waste that occurs with short lived batteries.

For example;

VARTA LONGLIFE MAX POWER batteries are ideal for devices that require precise energy in changing requirements such as digital cameras and game controllers.

VARTA LONGLIFE POWER batteries are developed especially for power hungry devices such as flashlights and battery-operated toys, and are also a Which? Best Buy value for money product.

The clever colour coded packaging, and corresponding icons ensure customers choose the ideal battery for their device, for optimal performance.

Creative proposition

VARTA has been powering moments for decades. That’s why the brand new campaign focuses on moments customers will never forget; powered by VARTA batteries, a special moment will never be missed.

The creative not only resonates with key audiences through this proposition, it also aims to remind them why VARTA is the smart choice:

  • German engineering
  • Established in 1887
  • LONGLIFE POWER AA batteries awarded Which? Best Buy
  • Child safe button cell packaging
  • Best performance if used in the right device
  • Simple colour coded packaging
  • Helpful icons on every pack
  • 10 Years power in storage

Digital and social campaign

In addition, the campaign will also run across VARTA digital and social channels. The focus will be on emotive photography that conveys everyday moments customers wouldn’t want to miss.

This emotional consumer targeting will also be implemented on social media, communicating the brand’s proposition and expanding the VARTA presence online.

Think Smarter, Choose VARTA.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

is one of the biggest producers of batteries and power sources, and Germany's no. 1 battery brand with over 130 years history. From traditional AA and AAA batteries to specialist electronic and power banks, every product is produced at the highest technological level, using quality materials and the very best expertise.

VARTA understands that technology should help make life better and brighter, and are proud to support millions of people throughout their lives.


Media contacts:

Catherine Leigh: catherine.leigh@refinerygroup.co.uk
Natalie Toft: natalie.toft@refinerygroup.co.uk

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VARTA Consumer Batteries UK Ltd
Suite 49 Earl Business Centre,
Oldham, Greater Manchester,
OL8 2PF, England