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The must-have for any handbag – the new Handbag Light from VARTA Consumer

According to a study, every woman spends an average of 76 days* of her life looking for things in her handbag. Thanks to the new Handbag Light from VARTA Consumer, this time can now be spent otherwise.

Every woman has been in a similar situation: It is shortly before closing time – it is getting dark already − and you have just managed to finish the weekend shopping. Laden with bags and a tired child holding on to your hand, you finally get to the car when you begin to rummage around in your handbag. The car key is hidden somewhere between your wallet, hand cream, handkerchiefs, mints, lip gloss, smartphone and umbrella in the recesses of your handbag. Worst case: You have to empty the entire content of the bag onto the roof of the car in the dim light of the street lamp. Best case: The new Handbag Light from VARTA Consumer is attached to the bag’s zipper and you can locate your car key quickly.


Stylish and handy


No handbag should be without the new Handbag Light. Lightweight and handy, it can be easily attached to the zipper or the shoulder strap with a loop made out of black artificial leather featuring a magnetic closure. The Handbag Light brings style and a feminine touch to any handbag. What’s more: Its shiny pink surface is a real eye-catcher. The 2 x 5 mm LEDs ensure optimum illumination, guaranteeing that you will find every small item in no time. The light is easily turned on and off using the power button. The auto-shut-off function that activates after three minutes also saves the life of the battery if users happen to forget to turn it off.


* http://www.colibri-research.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/bag_stories_colibri.pdf


The new VARTA Handbag Light will be available in November.


RRP (including VAT):              €9.99

Beam range:                            2 meters

Run time:                                 11 hours

Total light output:                   10 lumens

Light source:                            2 x 5 mm LEDs

Dimensions:                              width: 42 mm; height: 39 mm; depth: 16 mm

Weight:                                    16 grams

Warranty:                                 3 years


Feel like testing the Handbag Light in action? No problem! We are happy to arrange to send you a sample. Simply get in touch with us by writing to varta@haebmau.de.


Further product and company information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

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VARTA understands that technology should help make life better and brighter, and are proud to support millions of people throughout their lives.


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