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Indestructible: VARTA flashlights face their toughest test yet

Strong, sharp beams and virtually impossible to damage: This is a spot on description of the new Indestructible flashlights from VARTA’s Professional and Power lines. As part of a VARTA competition, we’d like to hear your ideas for testing our new products to the max. There’s a prize of € 1,000 up for grabs.

Our incredibly tough Indestructible flashlights, with their ergonomic yet stylish design, are able to survive a fall of up to nine meters. We’re launching the VARTA Indestructible durability test, encouraging participants to check the advertised resilience of our products using tests they invent themselves. This contest is VARTA’s way of giving itself a reality check. Anyone interested in the product test can click http://www.built-to-survive.com to find out more about the campaign and watch the latest toughness testing videos for inspiration.

We want your creativity!

The early bird catches the worm: The first 100 users who register for the contest online will receive a free VARTA Indestructible to use when they film their test. Everyone else can take part in the contest as well, in two different ways. You can either produce a testing video and upload it to the gallery on our website, or you can submit your test idea by filling out the online form.

Win with VARTA

We will select the two best text-based ideas and film them ourselves. These two videos will join all the others that entrants send to us on the website http://www.built-to-survive.com, where they will be put to a collective vote starting in January 2012. The video with the most votes wins; the winner will be awarded € 1,000 and 20 runners-up will receive the consolation prize, a VARTA Indestructible T-shirt.

VARTA’s Indestructible flashlights were launched in September 2011 and retail from € 14.99 (RRP). The flashlights come with a 3-year guarantee.


Further information is available at http://www.built-to-survive.com and www.varta-consumer.com

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is one of the biggest producers of batteries and power sources, and Germany's no. 1 battery brand with over 130 years history. From traditional AA and AAA batteries to specialist electronic and power banks, every product is produced at the highest technological level, using quality materials and the very best expertise.

VARTA understands that technology should help make life better and brighter, and are proud to support millions of people throughout their lives.


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