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Slender, stylish and supercharged – the new VARTA Slim Power Banks

Slender, stylish and supercharged – the new VARTA Slim Power Banks

That’s when we are able to soak up the first rays of sun, visit relatives, plan trips to nearby towns or the relaxing countryside. Something else is bound to come along too: smartphones and tablets. They run non-stop as video players, cameras and navigation systems, especially during our days off work – and all too quickly drain the battery.
Anyone who brings along some extra energy in the form of the VARTA Slim Power Banks product series can count themselves lucky. The small devices are not only light and elegant, they also provide enough energy to get through even the most energy-consuming day over Easter while keeping the battery topped up.
Full power wherever you go
Decorated towns and pretty resorts make visitors want to capture as many moments as possible and share them. A few snaps here, some video calls there, and friends and relatives are happy.
But after just half a day, this is usually followed up by the first warning that the battery is low. Sockets are hard to come by while traveling, and are usually only available in restaurants. But just sitting down at a table in order to stock up on energy for smartphones and tablets is often frowned upon.

So why not sit down on the grass nearby and recharge your batteries as well as your device’s at the same time?

VARTA Slim Power Banks can even charge two devices at the same time. Thanks to its slate gray aluminum housing with a matte finish, the Power Bank is also a stylish accessory for all expeditions. The mobile charging station no longer needs to be pushed out of the way when taking selfies or photos of culinary experiences, but rather complements the picture with its timeless, elegant design.
Energy for Easter
The beautiful exterior conceals an abundance of energy: with 6,000 mAh, 12,000 mAh and 18,000 mAh, it is even possible to charge smartphones, tablets or smartwatches several times. The smallest model is capable of fully charging one tablet once or 2.5 smartphones.4 The Slim Power Bank can be plugged into any adapter using the Micro USB cable provided.
For all those travelling far and wide this Easter, the Slim Power Banks guarantee that smartphones and other devices will be fully charged and at the ready – without having to compromise on style. By the way, the high-performance Slim Power Banks are also the perfect Easter gift for friends and family.

4 Based on the iPhone 6s and ASUS ZenPad S 8.0,
  performance may vary from device to device.