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Maya The Bee

Maya The Bee

Her adventures were a constant part of your childhood and ours.
Together with her friends Willy and Flip, she has been the bright twinkle in children’s eyes for many generations.
Who else could it be but the most popular bee from the corn poppy meadow: Maya The Bee!

Caught up in bee fever!

The little honey collector is the theme for four new kid’s lights from VARTA. With Maya The Bee Flashlights available in grasshopper green and bee yellow, it is possible to light up any playground, even when it is dark outside. Thanks to their shatterproof features and ability to survive a fall test from a height of one meter unscathed, the flashlights can withstand even small mishaps as children frolic about outdoors. The real highlight is the print on the handle – while Maya and Willy adorn the yellow flashlight, Flip joins the two bees on the green one.
Since playing with friends eventually wears out the batteries of even our most energetic little ones, a restful night of sleep is essential. Here, too, Maya does not leave her friends’ side for a moment, providing reassurance as a night light next to their beds.
Standing on her red flower, Maya takes tired adventurers by the hand and flies off with them to the land of sweet dreams. When Maya The Bee brings her honeycomb into the children’s room, it serves as a beautiful wall light that bathes the space in a golden light.

But Maya is just too curious and cannot keep her head in the honeycomb – she might miss out on something! During the day, she watches over her companions while they play, and at night, her two attentive eyes peer out into the room.
Both the Maya The Bee Night Light and the Maya The Bee Wall Light switch off automatically after 30 (high mode) or 60 (low mode) minutes, depending on the setting. That way, Maya gets enough energy to take on another day full of exciting experiences.