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Wireless Charger II
The convenient way to charge!
Activity Tracker
MP3 Player
  • Convenient charging via drop & charge

  • Qi-certified for maximum reliability & compatibility

  • Charge devices with built-in Qi-receiver, receiver case or coil

  • Input: 5V/ min.1500 mA and Output: 5W

  • Hi-tech premium design with anti-slip rubber feet

  • High sophisticated blue LED ring as charging indication
  • 50cm Micro USB charging cable included

  • Charging speed: ~3h* for smartphones

*Based on Samsung Galaxy S6, performances may vary by device

How to use the VARTA Wireless Charger and to charge a mobile device:


  1. Check the Qi compatibility of your mobile device
  2. If necessary use additional accessories1, 2
  3. Plug the VARTA Wireless Charger via a Wall Charger in the socket
  4. Place the device on the charger and start charging

          Wireless Charger II


            **Nokia Lumia 1020 is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. LG Optimus G4 is a registered trademark of LG Electronics USA Inc. Nexus 7 is a trademark of Google Inc. Sony Xperia Z3 is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. Apple, iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Samsung, Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/S3 and Note 3/Note 2 are all trademarks of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and/or its related entities.

            VARTA Type 57911
            Cell sizes Device
            Width 98 mm
            Height 10 mm
            Depth 98 mm
            Weight 72 g
            Voltage 100-240 V
            Accessories Micro USB charge cable